OWTK Kid's Music Monthly Podcast (kid's music)
The OWTK Kid's Music Monthly delivers ten songs showcasing the finest in kindie music past, present, and future. Hosted by Jeff Bogle of OWTK.com and published on the 1st of each month, the OWTK Kid's Music Monthly will serve as your gateway into the Golden Age of Family Music.
February 2014

New songs from Rainbow Beast, Jazzy Ash and Caspar Babypants plus a punk rock goodie from The Boogers and a musical number from Dear Edwina. The Golden Age of Family Music all up in your ears.

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A few weeks ago, my daughter's 1st grade teacher asked me to curate an animal habitat playlist to help her delivery that lesson plan. The burned CD I sent into school was helpful to her and is being enjoyed by the kids, so I thought I'd share those 10 songs as a special podcast. Feel free to share this with your child's teacher(s). They'll hear great songs from Justin Roberts, Lunch Money, Caspar Babypants, Recess Monkey, Okee Dokee Brothers, and more! Happy learning and listening!

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Tons of new music arrived in my mailbox this summer -- it's high time I play some! The September '13 episode of the world's finest podcast for discovering the modern golden age of kindie music features new tunes from up and coming artists like Andrew & Polly, Josh & Gab, The Pointed Man Band, and Josh & the Jamtones...as well as a brand new track from the new Recess Monkey album Desert Island Disc and something fresh et en francais from Lori Henriques. Enjoy!

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We're not messing around this month! The July 2013 episode of the OWTK KMM features new songs from Justin Roberts, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke, Recess Monkey, Frances England, and Alastair Moock. Also in this month's podcast are the greatest 'color-related' and Italian restaurant jams in the family music cannon, and a bossa that'll have you dusting off your Getz/Gilberto LPs.

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School is out this month for most -- yay summer! Enjoy new music from Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke, Joanie Leeds, Sugar Free Allstars, Princess Katie & Racer Steve, and more while running through a sprinkler or hitting the open road for a family adventure. Read more about all of the bands played this month on OWTK.com

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OWTK.com's Jeff Bogle dives deep with Deep Sea Diver, the 8th studio album from kindie rock superstars Recess Monkey. Listen to some of the new songs and hear Jeff's thoughts on the Seattle trio's underwater adventure album out June 18, 2013.

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The May episode is dedicated to the sights, sounds, and conversations had at Kindiefest, the annual family music conference and festival held in Brooklyn, NY. This expanded edition of the OWTK Kid's Music Monthly features brand new songs from Recess Monkey, Todd and Cookie (a new project from Todd McHatton and Mista Cookie Jar), Bears and Lions, Shine and the Moonbeams, Underbirds, and a lot more. Plus the debut of KindieBeat, a radio style segment of news, notes & fashion from the kindie scene. Enjoy!

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Great show for sping and baseball season this month with new songs from Underbirds, Paul Spring, Brady Rymer, and Ratboy Jr. You'll also hear some great older tunes from Recess Monkey, Justin Roberts, Flannery Brothers and more. The Golden Age of Family Music in your family's ears every month!

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Has it really been a year already? Seems like just yesterday I was trying to figure out how to use a microphone, and my look how we've grown! 16 episodes later, the OWTK podcast is bigger, badder, and better than ever. This special expanded anniversary episode features 16 songs from the Golden Age of Family Music, including brand new songs from Paul Spring, The Not-Its!, Cat Doorman, Dr. Noize, Heidi Swedberg and Marcy Marxer. You'll also hear modern kindie classics from the Grammy winners Okee Dokee Brothers, Justin Roberts, Gustafer Yellowgold, Dog on Fleas, and many more! Enjoy this nearly hour long podcast!

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Kindie classics from Justin Roberts and Brady Rymer mingle nicely with brand new tracks from The Pop Ups, Milkshake, Billy Kelly, Hipwaders, and Moona Luna in the February episode of the OWTK podcast. Looking backwards and forwards at the same time has never been so un-dizzying. Enjoy!

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